Carnival Chaser Highlight: @OhGChoice x Global Carnivalist

We continue the Carnival Chaser Highlight series as more carnival chasers explore carnivals worldwide.  Be sure to check out other highlights previous to this one.

Carnival Chaser (n): An individual that goes on mostly carnival-based vacations, and plans trip after trip based on when the next carnival is.

Carnival is addictive. Meet Carnival Chaser: @OhGChoice

How did you fall in love with carnival?

I fell in love with carnival from very young when I was a kiddie carnival reveler with XS Energy Carnival band. Back then, what really excited me was the mas camp environment and being able to physically see the progress of your costume being made whilst counting down to the big day. Nearly twenty years later, my love has grown tremendously and now the freedom of expression and the ability to meet new people with every island carnival is what keeps my heart in carnival.

What is your favorite thing about soca music?

I love that soca music can be received in so many different ways. One day you may listen to a Private Ryan mix to study, or get you through chores, the next day it may be at an event, where your skin-out level is at an all time high!


Which carnival is a must attend for you?

St. Lucia! St. Lucia Carnival is one of the most slept on carnivals in the Caribbean. The intimacy is unmatched. Carnival Chasers need to visit each island with an open mind that every carnival is not and should not be the same. With that being said, Trinidad Carnival is DEFINITELY an experience one needs to have; THAT IS PRODUCTION!


What are the “must have” items for you when choosing your band?  

This is a tricky question because I go into each island carnival with few expectations in order get the real essence. However a few things I look forward to from each band include:
  1. Social media presence – GET ME HYPE BEFORE D MAS!
  2. Male sections designed with some sort level of effort – Let’s face it, I’m unable to drink 700 USD worth of alcohol so at least allow me to shut down Instagram with the carnival posts!
  3. Live band – I’ve only seen this in, St Lucia but LET ME TELL YOU! A live band is the life you thought you’ve lived but never got a chance to live. Epic!
  4. Dwaaaaaanksssss – What’s carnival without a fully stocked premium bar? And pass around shots are a plus!
  5. Good Reviews – Amazing Bloggers such as Global Carnivalist and Bahamianista and myself give the REAL experience of the leading bands and we aren’t on payroll so you can trust our reviews & vlogs!

Which carnival (that you have not tried yet) would you love to attend? 

Right now Jamaica is looking like they getting the SAUCE! So I think that’s next on the list but it’s definitely a toss up between them and Grenada. I’m curious to see how black blood in my veins feels! #Jab

If you have not checked out the full Carnival Chaser Series, please do. Each chaser inspires me to continue doing what I love.


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