Rumored: New Band “Lavish” for Spice Mas 2019

Hi Carnivalists,

We just intercepted a letter and it looks like there WILL BE a NEW BAND for Grenada Carnival, also known as Spice Mas. Spice Mas 2019 occurs in August. This year, parade days will fall on August 12-13, 2019.

The band will be called “LAVISH”!!! So far we know they plan to launch their “Dynasty” theme in March. The launch will include six sections.


As you can see from the letter, Tallpree is involved. (eye peek)


We also got some BTS images from their promo shoot. Pertinent information is blocked out to protect our inside informant but I will keep you all posted when we get more info.
So STAY TUNED!  and make sure you’re subscribed.

Yours in Mas,

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