An Inside Look: Xuvo Carnival Dazzles for St. Lucia Carnival 2019

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We have a new band to talk about, Xuvo Carnival. While Xuvo Carnival is new to the St.Lucia Carnival scene, Verve is no novice to the event production space in St.Lucia. Having worked with several vendors, DJs and sponsors around their large-scale events, this team is familiar with this level of execution.

If you log onto Instagram or Carnival Twitter, you will see that this band launch has captured the regional and international attention of several masqueraders and carnival businesses.

From the quality of the photography, video footage and marketing, I am already impressed with the Xuvo standard. During the band launch, models brought energy and showcased the dazzling effect of each section. I really loved the fact that backline costumes were debuted with the same level of energy.


As for the band launch itself, it was set up as a fete. Drinks were included, what more could make your band launch experience so dope? Bess woman and alcohol.

That said, there is some hesitation around Xuvo amongst potential masqueraders due to the fact that this will be the first year the band will be on the road. But if you never lead, you will always follow.

Luckily, I got the inside scoop from the Xuvo team. Prices are extremely reasonable for a two day carnival. Registration is OPEN


Here’s what they had to say

What can masqueraders expect from Xuvo Carnival? 

Xuvo hopes to provide masqueraders with an authentic experience and bring back the band house experience. We want our designers to be at the band house in St.Lucia, diligently working to produce sections that will be well done.

Masqueraders can expect a great vibe with a premium experience including awesome food, snacks, and top-shelf drinks. There will be a live band and DJs, so that all desires will be catered to. The team is hoping to provide a different distribution process as well, details surrounding that will be released closer to the band house opening dates.

Who are the designers you worked with? 

We were fortunate to work with some of the best in the business. Xuvo is working with Rawle Permanand, Body by SLU, Tracy Boyce, Fon Rose, and Rhion Romany. Band house,  Krave the Band is also partnered and will market a section in the band.

Rhion’s section, Majesty” is an ultra section so it will be limited in availability so ladies if you would like that section, REGISTER EARLY! 

In addition to designers, other business entities and brands are involved. Sedale of Deeper than Soca, X’Nova, Golden Events and Toya Lewis of Glamour Art is apart of the Xuvo Carnival team.


Will there be international DJs on the road? 

No stranger to great vibes at our fetes, we hope to have both local and international DJs on the road. Kevin Crown is one of the DJs who will be on the road; look forward to further announcements. As mentioned previously, there will also be a live band on the truck.  


What is the Xuvo team looking forward to? 

Ideally, we would love to see our masqueraders having a great time. We look forward to seeing the emotion of carnival bliss on their faces. There is something about the vibe when you see masqueraders are having a great time. As mentioned before, though our band is new, we are trying our best to cater to all needs and would love to hear masqueraders say they cannot wait to play mas with Xuvo Carnival again next year.


There you have it. This is my band of choice and I see I am going to have a hard time choosing my section. Which section are you feeling the most?

Yours in Mas, 

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