Fete List: Where to Fete for Miami Carnival 2019

Miami Carnival Dates: October 9 – 14, 2019

You know you’ve been looking out for it, the infamous Global Carnivalist – Miami Carnival fete list [miami carnival 2019 fetes schedule] that gives you all the hot fetes and their purchase links in one location. Because ain’t nobody got time to be looking all over for them. Miami Carnival 2019 will maintain most of their notable events like Soca Brainwash Miami 2019, Citrus, Viva La Carnival and Big Phat Fish.

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Events in Blue are my recommendations 

Where is Miami Carnival?

For the people who are NOT playing mas but would like to spectate, Miami Carnival will take place at

Miami Dade Fair Grounds — 10901 SW 24 St, Miami, FL 33165

If you are NOT participating in the parade, you must purchase a pass to enter the park.

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Wednesday, October 9

3PM – Call Out Sick Boatride

Thursday, October 10

2PM – Mawnin Neighbor Miami 2019 – Purchase tickets here 

3PM – Hookie Miami – Purchase tickets here

4PM – TriniJungle Juice Presents ArrivalsPurchase tickets here

9PM – Tribe Ignite Miami – Purchase tickets here

10PM – Experience NYRVANA  presents ENTICE Miami – Purchase tickets here

Friday, October 11

7AM – Medz Miami

11AM – Rise and Shine

1PM – Citrus All InclusivePurchase tickets here

2PM – Sun, Rum and Soca

2PM – IceBox Pool It – Purchase tickets here 

3PM – Carnival Lyfe Foam Fete – Purchase tickets here

3PM – Scorch Duck WorkPurchase tickets here

5PM – Miami Shorts and Shades Boatride – Purchase tickets here

9PM – I Am Soca, Miami Carnival 2019

9PM – Soca or Die Purchase tickets here

10PM – Carnival Lyfe Afro Soca – Purchase tickets here

10PM – Carnival Lyfe Glow Rave – Purchase tickets here

10PM – Big Phat Fish, Block Party  – Purchase tickets here

Saturday, October 12

4:30AM – Vale Vibe Breakfast Party

7AM – Dutty Revel JouvertPurchase tickets here 

7AM – Original Army Boyz J’ouvert Section

2PM – Carnival Lyfe Splash Mansion – Purchase tickets here

3PM – Soca Brainwash Miami 2019 ($100usd early bird) – Purchase tickets here

4PM – Caesar’s Army Mai Tai ($90usd early bird)  – Purchase tickets here

6PM – One Fete

8PM – Stink in Pink Miami

9PM  – Scorch & Spice Cooler FetePurchase tickets here

9PM – Viva La Carnival Cooler Fete – Purchase tickets here 

10PM – Flag Fest – Purchase tickets here

Sunday, October 13

9AM – 12AM  – Carnival Day – I’ll be on the road with Revel Nation Carnival 

10PM – Indulge Cooler Fete – Purchase tickets here 

Monday, October 14

7AM – Suits Miami ($60usd) – Purchase tickets here

10AM – SSS Blue Jouvert

3PM – Scorch Bacchanal BeachPurchase tickets here

4PM – Mimosa Monday – Purchase tickets here

6PM – Dry Dock Miami – Purchase tickets here 

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  1. Hi GlobalCarnivalist, based on your experience, is there a central location where most of the fetes tend to be held? Trying to decide what area it makes most sense to get a hotel in.

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