My Travel Essentials for Carnival

Hi Carnivalists!

We’re talking about travel carnival essentials today. We each have our own and i’m here to share mine. So many things go into the process of getting for the road, costume, feathers, shoes, wristlet. Here are the things I could do not go without.

Carnivalista Fishnets

As a chocolate goddess, I’ve always found it difficult to find flesh tone stockings. They were either too ashy looking, too fragile or just not available, until my problems were solved with Carnivalista. Carnivalista fishnets blend into my skin  See examples here:Xuvo Carnival Trap Queen

Wristlet or Thigh Pouch

Wristlets or thigh pouches are alternative options to the drawstring backpacks or fanny packs on the road and allow your carnival slay to be chic

Carnivalista 10% OFF Coupon Code: GLOBEY2023

Xuvo Carnival Trap Queen
Carnivalista Thigh Pouch

Body Butter [and sunscreen]

If I could get a dollar for each time someone asked me how do I  get my skin to shine/glow/shimmer/whatever phrase they feel like using and I tell them SHEA BUTTER. Whipped to perfection by Mahogany Butters but a little body butter and sunscreen is the key to my skin. Of course genetics plays a part but I cannot live without Mahogany Butters.



What better way to glam up your look than with some lashes? I’m not diligent enough to get mine done regularly, so if you’re like me and need some carnival lashes, check out Lemons and Lashes. 

15% OFF Coupon Code: GLOBALC


Goby Toothbrush 

We take soooo many pictures when we’re at carnival, the one thing I ensure is always on point, is my smile. I need something to keep my pearly whites popping on the go. My goby toothbrush is like a dental visit each time. If you’ve been looking into buying an electronic toothbrush, this is the one to try.

15% OFF Coupon Code: GlobalCarnivalist


Nipple Pasties  

A nip slip is not something I want for myself so I always have nipple flesh colored pasties handy. Carnivalista them or Amazon has some or you can order

Carnivalista 10% OFF Coupon Code: GLOBEY2023

Portable Charger 

My phone NEEDS to stay charged! Hours of recording content, taking photos and roaming kills my battery so I have a small battery pack for the road.

What are your must have travel essentials?

If you are currently packing for carnival, here is a printable Carnival Travel Check-list

Yours in Mas, 

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    1. Haha! Have you tried it? I love it so much! Coconut lime and the Tahitian Vanilla are my favorite scents!

  1. I love your blog! I’m headed to Miami carnival with my crew this year. Any tips on hair care /styles? And where you get those fly shades you always rock?

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