St.Lucia Carnival 2019: Xuvo Carnival

Exactly one week ago today, I was taking pictures in one of the prettiest costumes I’ve worn for 2019. I knew since 2018 after having the time of my life that I would be back in St.Lucia for carnival. I was worried; worried because I had such a great time in 2018 that I didn’t think I would be able to live up to my own expectations. Boy was I wrong.

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Let’s talk about these fetes.

The Fetes

Deeper than Soca, JOB. 

Tickets opened at $50usd for a food inclusive cooler fete and tickets sold out in a day! They moved so quickly my head spin. That said, I was inside. We all docked The Pearl, not knowing what to expect. DJ Freeze International opened the party and it was pace from the start. Mid way through the event, I had been on somebody’s shoulders, somebody’s back, the middle deck of the boat and more. Job was a scene and is not to be missed! Job ended late as hell, so once that was done, I went to take a nap to get ready for Mess. 

Photography Credit: J Philip Photography

Legends, Mess. 

WHAT A MESS IT WAS!! (In a great way) I managed to stay infront the stage the whole time but I had a blast with the vibesy patrons toward the front of the event. Private Ryan had a great set while at the event and when that rain came down, party goers got even messier.


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I went to Color Me Red but can’t remember enough about the event to write anything. My next and top fete for the week is Soca Raff Up.

House of Siete x Fuzion Mas, Soca Raff Up. 

Any fete involving swimsuits, sun and sea water is usually vibes but House of Siete threw one of the best raft ups I have ever attended. I was on boat two, the vibesy boat. The DJs set the tone early on by playing a plethora of soca, old and new. This event was a cooler fete so you were able to control your drunkness at your own pace. On our way back, we were in complete darkness [no phones allowed for recording] so you can probably imagine the waist that was pelting knowing their conduct would not surface on Instagram.


We went to Remedy but we were so late, I missed the whole vibe of the fete.

Soca, Sex and Alcohol. 

My last fete before the road, and #SSASLU WAS A SCENE!!!! Another amazing raft up, with tacos on board and slack behavior. Tickets opened at $45usd and three boats sold. If you did not secure a ticket, you snoozed!! This is a must attend during St. Lucia’s Carnival.

We boarded the vessels and were greeted by friendly catamaran staff and cute #SSA cups. We then sailed and docked where I was able to have a swim and a photoshoot. On the way back we somehow ditched the other two catamarans and that’s when the boat was literally rocking. SSA, you owe me nothing!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset
Photography Credit: DotKidChavy
Processed with VSCO with c8 preset
Photography Credit: DotKidChavy

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Fetes are always great but Carnival is what I came for. I decided to play mas with Xuvo Carnival and had been pushing their product throughout the year. I had a chance to talk with them prior too, and EVERYTHING they promised, they delivered.

The Carnival 

Registration & Communication

Xuvo launched in January and we were wowed then by the vibrant colors and detailing. Registration opened about a week later and in a DAY, the premium section Majesty was 90% sold out.  No DM, whatsapp, emails or instagram comment was left unanswered. Xuvo personnel also kept us engaged via social media platforms as we counted down the weeks until we were on the road.

Costume Expectation

We arrived at Xuvo’s mascamp on Saturday night, the lines were a bit long but were moving. Within 20 minutes after checking in, I was being handed the most beautiful Xuvo duffle bag and white wings. What I loved about Xuvo’s mas camp was the nip and tuck section. I had both the bottoms of my costumes cut and fit to my body. That Xuvo seamstress is a boss!!

With the most reputable bands, you are always concerned that your costume may not meet your expectations. After all, this is the first time you are seeing the costume in person. My Majesty Costume looked just as advertised and I don’t know what kind of glue was used but the whole thing stayed in tact. By 7pm when they locked off the music, my costume still looked like I had just put it on.

Getting Ready Details 

The Road

How do you put euphoria into words? VIBES! St.Lucia has TWO days of carnival, yes people, two. On Carnival Monday, we met the band for 10AM by Mega J in our beautiful costumes. Breakfast was served, which consisted of bake and salt-fish. [The bake was even hot, yasss]

Processed with VSCO with g6 preset
Photography Credit: Hakeem Thompson
Photography Credit:Hakeem Thompson

The band pulled off and the reveling began. We were able to get a drink, with the help of a man of course because the drink’s truck build out was a little too high for short people but we managed. By noon, it was full pace.  Tony X and Dj Blaze hosted this year, and they were IN the band enjoying the road just as much as the masqueraders. Kevin Crown, Power Surge and Freeze International were our road DJs. Powersurge did an amazing job representing all the islands!!

While there is no lunch stop, lunch is still served. Just before we crossed the stage, I was able to get salt-fish and provisions to refuel. We were able to display our costumes and the Xuvo Dons brought so much energy, we even won second place as band of the year.

Photography Credit: Bjon Bbttr

Once the stage crossing was over, it was time to pelt off that backpack so I could live my best life. More pace! More drinks! More wining on the police officers. A true dennery segment will bring the slackness out of you.

Day Two was just as amazing! No feathers so we were slack on the road. I started Carnival Tuesday with champagne so I feel like the day was a blur regarding exact details but I know we crossed the stage again. On Day Two, I also found the a/c truck and VIP music truck all the way in front of the band. I ran into the A/C Truck a couple times to avoid the rain, touch up my makeup AND charge my phone [yes ya’ll, there were outlets].

Photography Credit: Hakeem Thompson

Once the rain stopped, and after crossing the stage, I got some food. The food was prepared FRESH on the spot. I had the option of choosing, fries, rice or salad as a side and since I am watching my figure, I opted to get salt-fish and salad. The food was delicious! Xuvo, whoever the food vendor was, bring them back. I even had a taste of some fries on someone’s plate and the fries were hot and fresh as well.

Another perk of being VIP with Majesty? CHAMPAGNE!!! They only served it by the glass but I was able to get a bottle for myself since that’s what I was drinking.

Xuvo Carnival Day Two
Photography Credit: @JouvertMike

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We continued to fete and wine up and down along the bum bum wall until 7PM. [Carnival days end promptly at 7PM]

Thankfully, if you still had energy to fete, you could have stopped by Verve for last lap or go to Soca, Sex and Alcohol’s Duckn Frunk.

Some of the top songs played on the road during SLU Carnival.

  • Call My Mother x Edwin
  • Nasty Up – Problem Child
  • A Friend – Ricky T
  • Pretty on Purpose – Shemmy J
  • In D Band – Sedale
  • Keisha – Pablo
  • Big Ride – Motto
  • Mix Up – Sly Vye Twizen
  • Bend for the Beng – Ko & Pitchboy

St. Lucia, as always, you owe me nothing! I love this sweet island and I will see you again soon!

Will you visit St. Lucia next year?

Yours in Mas,

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12 thoughts on “St.Lucia Carnival 2019: Xuvo Carnival

  1. Loved your review from St. Lucia, I had a blast as well. Can you share the details on your wristlet and leg bag??

  2. Xuvo had the best costumes and check in was good but the food and liquor situation was terrible!! They ran out of liquor on both days and by 2pm on mas day. Smh

  3. It was my first time in Lucia ever so to go for carnival really made my experience amazing. This was a bff trip so my bestie and I touched down on Thursday fresh outta vincy mas ready to continue partying. We checked into our airbnb and went to pick up our costumes. Xuvo had a great layout for collection so things moved smoothly. Events we went to we Aura, Bend, Soakt, Soca Raff Up, Indulgence and Brazen.

    Bend thrown by verve and ninjafete was by far my favorite event. It was a boatride and happened around the same time as JOB. We couldnt get tickets to that one so we gave Bend a chance of for a first time event, it was AMAZINGGG. They served lunch before we sailed and although it was cooler, there was free rum punch. Vibes, djs everything was on point. 10/10 will recommend.

    On the road Xuvo had ultimate vibes from start to finish and I dont think I ever get on so bad in a carnival, howeverrr they really need to do better with the food and drinks situation for next year. Half dead sandwiches and running out of ice so early is not acceptable. I had to beg a snow cone vendor for some ice on monday. I also hope next year there will be more premium drink options because I’m a ciroc girl and was sad to not have that option on the road. Other than that it was great. Will definitely return and you’re right those costumes really did hold up well so kudos to the production team.

  4. I already booked accommodations for next year! Lucia cyaahhh miss me again 😭 I was supposed to go this year, so seeing the footage of everyone having a great time stung 🐝 lol thanks for the review!! 😍

  5. I’m planning to attend Carnival in St. Lucia in 2020. I’m not from the island what so ever. do you think it’s a good idea for me to get the costume and join a band or is it more for the people that are from/live there? I see the vibrant colors and feathers and it’s always been On my bucket list to wear one

    1. Hi Keirra, No, carnival is for everyone. When the bands launch, you can register with any band of your choosing for a costume

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