Bermuda Carnival 2019: Pumping with Party People Entertainment

Bermuda Carnival now done, and as my legs were aching remembering how much fun I had on the road, I was sad it ended so quickly. If you read my planning guide, I mentioned that Bermuda’s Carnival is a blast and also has relaxing elements [like those beautiful pink sand beaches and flamingos]; it’s the perfect location for beach bums.

I arrived on a Friday afternoon, around 2PM, which gave me just enough time to get to my hotel, check in, and change for happy hour. I used Absolute Bermuda‘s concierge services this year as I knew they would put me in the best location for all fetes and a luxe hotel. They booked Fairmont Southhampton, perfect for any golfer and near the grounds of the Twizzy’s I was so thrilled to drive throughout the island. Absolute Bermuda even arranged my hotel transfers, so I did not have to think about getting myself to and from the airport.img_5096-1After changing, we picked up our Twizzys and headed to Sip and Dip for happy hour.  Almost EVERYONE was there, it was so crowded! Lines for the bar were congested but people were having a great time. It was a dope start to the weekend.

5 Star Friday. Price: $50usd 

5 Star Friday is a concert fete with several soca artists. The concert started around 9PM, in true Caribbean people fashion, we showed up at midnight, which was perfect because the artists were now hitting the stage. The VIP section of the event included premium alcohol and food for us to nibble on, with direct stage access. The show started off with Preedy who sang his hit “Lost and Found”.

Lyrikal, Voice, Teddyson John and Kerwin Du Bois put on a spectacular show for us as well, they performed Speechless together and a few of their own songs. Once they were done, Nadia Batson engaged the crowd with her hit song “So Long’. Around 2AM, it was time to go back to the hotel and rest for Raft Up.

Raft Up. Price $15usd by beach/ Free by Boat 

My FAVORITE event ever is Raft Up. I would fly into Bermuda just for Raft Up alone. The day started off a bit rainy and gloomy but by midday there was sunshine and pace.

Raft up 20192
Photography Credit: Sleek Jamaica

We were able to anchor our boat closer to the barge this year so I was able to swim back and forth several times to party with people in the water then get on the barge. I had fun on my peacock floatie but also enjoyed the food and premium drinks available on the barge. (Make sure you try the Bermudian drink, Swizzle when you visit)

Raft Up 2019
Photography Credit: Sleek Jamaica

As usual, your tribe creates your vibe so we had the right people on board to make the experience dope, liquor was in abundance, as was food and vibes. We pulled in around 8PM to get ready for Euphoria.

raft up-0003
Photography Credit: @JouvertMike


Party People Euphoria 

I loved the entrance upon walking into Euphoria, there were colored led lights leading the pathway up to this massive Euphoria sign where people were taking pictures.


The venue was dark but, it was lit with neon outfits and other aesthetics like the stage. There were even fire blowers throughout the crowd. The turn-out for this event was amazing, it seemed like anyone who came to Bermuda for Carnival and then some were in attendance. Bermudians embrace all types of music, so dance-hall and hip hop were embraced just as much as soca.


Wetta. Price $150usd [late bird price]

Wetta — THE Wet Fete for the weekend, started around 9AM at Tobacco Bay. I loved the beach venue, there were several areas for patrons to cool down if they were pumping too much or wanted a different vibe.

Photography Credit: Sleek Jamaica

If you were interested in eating, there were meatballs and chicken wings for patrons (unfortunate though if you don’t eat meat). Lyrikal put on a dope performance as well.

Glow Bermuda. Price $100usd 

Glow is a staple event for Bermuda Carnival. Tickets to this event started at $100usd early bird. Glow is all-inclusive; dinner, snacks and drinks galore. If you love Johnnie Walker, even better, there is always a Johnnie Walker cabana.

Glow Bermuda
Photography Credit: Sleek Jamaica

I love how as this event continues to grow, so does the decor of the grounds. Notable DJs like Private Ryan and Back to Basics were there to keep the crowd wining while Patrick the Hypeman and Tony X kept the crowd engaged.

A few men ran with me in a chair lol, so I would certainly say that was the highlight of the event for me. If you ever visit Bermuda for Carnival, make sure you check out Glow Bermuda.

Now that we’re done talking about the fetes, let’s discuss carnival! 

Registration and Communication

I played with Party People in 2017 and knew I would play mas with them again. They are THE VIBESY band! That said, the band launched their presentation in January, registration was open about two weeks later. Party People was responsive via direct message (instagram) and email if you had questions. They also maintained engagement and hype on Instagram as we were counting down to Carnival day.

I was partying all weekend so I did not go in for my costume until Carnival Sunday after Wetta. We walked in and got our items within 15 minutes. I had time to try on my underwear to ensure they fit since the sizing was a bit off.

Getting Ready Details 

My costume looked EXACTLY like what I saw at band launch. I truly believe this is one of the prettiest backpacks I have ever worn. I love the use of the flowers on the feathers. It was very avant-garde for carnival. My goodie bag included Pringles, sunglasses, a cup, a towel, gum, coffee and more.

The Road 

The route was changed this year — so carnival took place in town. Which I loved, I like chipping through the island’s streets and engaging with spectators. We were able to meet the band around 12PM, with minimal walking and found the band. What I appreciated the most were the ladies walking through the band re-applying sunscreen at that time because trust me Bermuda’s sun is BRUTAL.


This carnival was the first time I experienced a lunch stop midway through and I LOVED THAT! We walked in, lines moved quickly, there were shaded areas for masqueraders to sit and this rest stop had real restrooms so we did not have to stuff ourselves with feathers into portable potties.


The icing on the cake was the Glam Gazebo where masqueraders could get their makeup retouched and adjust themselves. There was also a display of traditional carnival characters who performed while we were sitting in the rest area.


By this time, I threw my feathers on the DJ truck, so you know its time to bruk out. I don’t know where the drinks kept coming from but I was good and tipsy by 3PM and causing a scene in the people band.



I’d like to take the time to say TONY X WAS IN HIS BAG on the road. He kept the crowd engaged and was enjoying himself while doing it. As usual, Party People had notable DJs like Private Ryan, Jim Brown, Mystro, Back to Basics, Rusty G, and Elegance Sounds. Elegance Sounds did an amazing job as well, I loved their vibe on the road.

Do you guys know after partying for another two hours, we stopped at the rest stop again for snacks and  hydration. WHATTTT? Good job Party People. I don’t even know where I got more appetite from but I demolished a vegetable pie. [I want one now as I type]. I truly appreciated that addition.


This year there was no ‘Band of the Year’ title awarded but I saw SEVERAL masqueraders and DJs from other bands in People Party so I’d say PPE was the Band of the Year after all.

While there are certainly hiccups when it comes to mas overall, I’d say Party People executed their 5th year flawlessly and I cannot wait to play mas with them again.

Will you visit Bermuda next year?

Yours in Mas,

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7 thoughts on “Bermuda Carnival 2019: Pumping with Party People Entertainment

  1. Yes I certainly plan on attending next year! If possible can you pretty please do an article on wire bras? Not sure if you have one already! I always steer away from the wire bra options because I feel like my breast are too big (36DD). As always you look AMAZING in your costumes and flawless with your wire bras! Any tips on how you secure your girls will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Thanks Krissy and I would suggest knowing your true wire bra size, they fit a bit differently than a padded bra, and wearing nipple pasties.

  2. Hi. Would you recommend Party People above other bands for first timers. Planning a bachelorette party there this year and want to make sure we have the best time.

    1. hi there – Party People is a great option for first timers, they have reasonably priced costumes, the best DJs and they are the largest band on the road so they are used to dealing with patrons from all over the world! check them out

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