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Bahamas is gearing up for their carnival season in May.  With options as diverse as its 700 islands, it’s a place where you can find exactly the getaway you love most. It’s the best place for lovers, gamblers, families, and carnivalists. I had such an amazing time last year, and cannot wait to shell the road again for 2020. Bahamas Carnival’s main festivities fall between April 28 through May 3, 2020.  A great time for visitors to fly in would be Thursday, April 30.

The parade will take place on May 2, 2020. 



Carnival takes places in Nassau, which lies on the island, New Providence. For direct access fly into Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS). You can access New Providence via other islands but if you are coming from the United States, that’s just doing a lot for no reason.


Bahamas Carnival offers several different jouvert fetes, breakfast fetes and some concerts for carnival lovers. Four events to put on your radar is Revelution Jouvert,  Boozy Sports Day, Beach Lime and Icebox’s Suits.  A 2020 Fete List will be released in March 2020.


With several bands to choose from, masqueraders have options. Amenities, costume quality, vibes and customer service should all play a major role in the band you select. Backline costumes can cost you about $300-$400usd, while a frontline costume can cost you about $600-$1000usd, depending on the band of your choice. Your band options are:

Most of the reputable hotels are within proximity to events. Since Bahamas is a tourist destination, they are well equipped to handle the influx of visitors during carnival time. Simply check or for your hotel options.

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Note: If you stay near Atlantis, you will have to cross the bridge each time and there will be a fee to your driver. Taxis can be expensive.

Bahamas has 12% VAT on everything which can be quite costly.

Bahamas Carnival 2019


If you traveled from far or plan to make Bahamas a relaxing vacation after you finish wining on the road, here are some things to do while you’re already on the island.

  • National Art Gallery of Bahamas
  • Dive at Stuart’s Cove
  • Aquaventure Waterpark at the Atlantis Resort
  • Hillside House
  • Baha Mar Casino [if you like gambling]
  • Sample Rum at John Watling’s Distillery

For more information on things to check out, visit Bahamianista’s  Things to Do in Nassau Guide 

It’s time to start planning! Is there anything else you want to know? Ask me in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Planning Bahamas Carnival 2020

  1. I am not new to Carnival (Trini Jamaica Miami Toronto etc) I am taking a cruise to the Bahamas and dock over night from Saturday to Sunday. Want to jump on Saturday do you recommend playing Mas or can I just wear like Monday wear and jump with a band. Don’t want to get thrown out lol or be relegated to the sidelines. I don’t know anyone who has ever been. Can you help? Thanks

    1. Hi Melissa, like other carnivals, if you are not a registered masquerader, you will be relegated to the sidelines. You should absolutely play mas, check out Bahamas Masqueraders for their 2020 presentation

  2. I am from Toronto and I would like to take part in Bahamas carnival, can you recommend any good concierges, I am sceptical after the Trinidad escapade?

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