5 Ideas for Celebrating Labor Day Weekend 2020.

This is unusual.

Labor Day weekend without breakfast fetes, the parkway and unnecessary traffic in Brooklyn? I don’t know her!  Due to Covid-19, 2020 has been about intimate gatherings and hosting friends and family. While I’m still shocked by 2020, we’re constantly finding ways to cope and here is a list of some of them that will still make your holiday weekend enjoyable.


Movies @ Dusk 

Host a Movie Night with your friends. Indoor or outside with a projector. You can watch anything but here are 3 Classic Suggestions that involve Caribbean Culture/scenes in the Caribbean.

Cool Runnings: The late John Candy stars as a Canadian bobsled coach working with a team of Jamaicans to learn the sport so they can qualify for the winter Olympics. Verrrry loosely based on the true story of the Jamaican Bobsled Team. The 1992 comedy was filmed in Discovery Bay and Kingston.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The five Johnny Depp-led Pirates of the Caribbean films have been a huge boost to Caribbean tourism in general and some less-traveled shooting locations in particular, including Dominica and St. Vincent. Islands appearing in the films include Little Exuma in the Bahamas, Petit Tabac in the Grenadines, Old San Juan and Fajardo in Puerto Rico and Samana in the Dominican Republic. The town of Port Royal, where the first film opens and is featured in most of the films, was based on the infamous pirate colony in Jamaica, but filmed in Wallaibou Bay on St. Vincent.

Dancehall Queen: Beenie Man recorded the title song for this 1997 independent film shot in Jamaica, centering on the story of a street vendor who adopts the persona of a dancehall star to outwit two violent men.

Wine & Cheese Party 

One year for my birthday I decided to host a wine and cheese party by getting some wine in bulk and finding the perfect pairings for it. As the host, you may not feel like spending a lot of money on wine so suggest each of your friends invited to contribute two bottles of wine [or you can split it the group by having some bring finger foods] that way you have enough wine to go around. The average guests drinks 3 glasses of wine so keep that in mind when planning your menu.


Game Night 

Who doesn’t love a good drinking game? Pull out the ‘Taboo‘, or make up your own game and host a game night

Host a Silent Party

Limit the amount of DJ equipment needed by hosting a themed Silent Party. You can make it a Silent Party Jog or have a small event in your backyard.

Infused Treats Fest 

If you don’t know how to make your own edibles, you can always purchase them from a trusted vendor. But hosting an infused treats party is a fun way to bond with your close friends while relaxing yourself.

Boat Rental or Beach Weekend 

It might be already too late to plan this but google some of the beaches near you and find out if there are any boats available for renting. You and your friends can enjoy the last bit of summer outdoors. Otherwise, spending some time on the sand while sun-bathing with your personal cooler seems like the way to go to me.


Will you be alone? Do something outdoors that does not involve others like, hiking, cooking something different or at home spa day. There are promoters hosting events in some cities, if you feel like taking the risk and going out, that option is also available to you.

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