Globey’s Pajamas & Prosecco Movie Night

Hi Loves,

So I’m hosting a movie night. I know, I know — virtual concept events are played out now BUT, at least you won’t have to turn your TV on and you get to make this event interactive by wearing your pajamas and getting Prosecco wasted all while chit chatting about the movie via chat.


October 1 @ 8PM 

Genre: Horror/Thriller 

It’s really simple and most importantly, IT’S FREE! Here’s what you need.

Your supply of Prosecco.

If you typically don’t drink sparkling wine. I promise, you will like prosecco. It’s also an easy drink to make spritz’ with if you’re not a hard drinker OR buy mini versions of, if you don’t want much.


Who doesn’t love cute Pajama’s? I have curated a list of some cute ones for purchasing. check them out here.

A Netflix Account 

It doesn’t matter if it’s your account, your man’s or your exes, all you need is a Netflix account and Chrome to be able to watch. You must download the Netflix Party extension. Here are the directions for use on October 1. 

Netflix Party syncs up your streams with those of your friends and adds a live chat on one side of the screen. The app is only for use with Netflix and is only available for Chrome.

To join #Glosecco Netflix Party:

  • Make sure you download the extension
  • Click the movie link sent by Globey
  • Click on the Netflix Party icon to sync (the Netflix Party extension icon next to your address bar should change from gray to red)

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me.

See you all there


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