Tired of Your House? Work from Home on these 5 Caribbean Islands

If you have always fantasized about running away from the chilly weather or leaving behind your mundane routine in foreign, you can officially go work from home in the Caribbean. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic allowing many professionals to work from home, traveling to continue work has become easier than ever. These 5 Caribbean islands are now accepting visitors for up to a year if you feel like spending your days in the sunshine. 


Flamingo filled beaches and blue water, Aruba is giving away discounted hotel stays so that you can live and work on the Caribbean island for up to 3 months

While remote workers must be employed by a non-local company or be self-employed, the website advises that “working is not mandatory,” and that “you can spend your extended stay as you like.” The only stipulation, per the website, is that visitors cannot work for an Aruban individual or company as that would require a work or business permit. 

If you visit, it’s worth noting that Aruba has strict health requirements for travelers.


Known for it’s 33 beaches and Michelin Star awarded restaurants, Anguilla is preparing to welcome back tourists to the remote paradise.

The island’s tourism board opened an online application, providing visitors with the option to work remotely for up to 12 months.


Antigua boasts 365 beaches along 95 miles of coastline. “Your Space in the Sun” is the only the beginning.

The government of Antigua and Barbuda launched a long-stay visa initiative to grant eligible persons a special resident authorization that will be valid for up to two years. This is an excellent opportunity to work remotely.


Barbados offers you the backdrop of idyllic beaches, tropical landscape and work-life balance while still earning your salary. 

Barbados  is offering visitors a work stamp visa while providing a stable economy, good healthcare facilities, and a tropical lifestyle. 


Bermuda’s pink sand beaches are a dream work-from-home destination. Now, that dream could be a reality. 

The government of Bermuda announced a new residency certificate policy that allows remote workers and students to spend a year on the island. 

Most of the islands have strict COVID rules for travelers, including testing before the trip, upon arrival and at regular intervals during their stay. Each island expects you to be 18 years or older and also be employed. (Some are only open to U.S Citizens). Some islands may even require you to pay for health insurance or pay a premium so make sure you do your research. 

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